Who we are

2 Fish is a small graphic design, web design and visual communications studio serving clients in Harrisonburg Virginia, Wilmington Delaware and beyond.


We are graphic/web designers who love to produce beautiful things. But as any designer worth his salt will tell you, it takes more than good looks to convert onlookers into paying customers. That's why we take a holistic approach to web design that takes into account all the different elements of a successful website, not just the look of it.


Good Design - While good looks aren't everything, a well-designed site is extremely important. So important in fact that studies have shown that upwards of 75% of users have admitted to making judgments about a company's credibility based on their website design.

Pointed, Well-written Content - Good looks will get you in the door and go a long way to enhancing your credibility, but only pointed, well-written content and purposeful calls to action can convert a potential customer into a paying customer.

High Quality Imagery - Nothing undermines a quality website design like poor quality visual media, whether photography, video or otherwise.

Analytics - Once a site is live, it is imperative that you know where visitors are going when they visit your website. That way you know what is working, what isn't, and what changes need to be made to increase the likelihood of converting onlookers into a paying customers.


In 2003 founder and lead designer Dusty Burchnall graduated from the Kutztown University's renowned Communication Design program. Since then Dusty has served the design needs of hundreds of businesses, offering creative solutions to their visual communication challenges. In October of 2005 Dusty, along with then business partner Matt Ousdahl, started offering graphic and web design services to small businesses in and around Wilmington Delaware. During the years following 2 Fish became one of the most reputable and approachable design studios in Delaware. Fast forward to 2015… Dusty and his family have embarked on a new journey, starting the next chapter of their life (and business) in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 2 Fish continues to serve clients in Delaware, as well as in Virginia and beyond.


Small business owners are celebrities in our eyes. Not in the sense of how we typically view (and idolize) celebrities, but rather in how we feel they are worthy of our attention, admiration and support because of their achievements and contributions to the communities in which their businesses live. For these reasons we admire and appreciate business owners, and have dedicated our livelihood to serving their communication design needs, helping them grow their businesses, support their families, and enrich their communities.


Dusty Burchnall - Founder, Lead Designer

Bob Boyer - Web Developer, Tech Support

Brett Schoen - Photographer, Videographer

Photo credit (left to right): Julie Eastwood, Ian McAlexander - http://www.itmexposures.com/